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"I'm running for City Council to be a true public servant and the leader Fort Myers deserves. I'm fighting for our water, our kids,  and our community! I'm a teacher, a mom, and a small business owner. I've been a decorated professional in the field of community development for almost 20 years, collaborating with nonprofits around the world on issues such as homelessness, addiction, education, the environment, and sustainable development. I truly do believe in my slogan, that together we can create a Fort Myers where the sun shines on everyone."​


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Leader for Fort Myers City Council Ward 4

Fort Myers is one of the most beautiful places in the country. We need representation that protects and preserves the abundance we are offered here along the pristine Gulf Coast. 

My passion for communities, politics, and government policy began in early childhood. Growing up with my parents example of dedication to education and commitment to growth, I pursued my interests through high school and college, graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in International Relations. While at MSU I interned twice in Congress and expanded my focus in international relations. After graduation I pursued my Masters and Ph.D. at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, traveling across Asia studying community development and governance, and became a representative to the United Nations for International Association for Community Development, an NGO with UN consultative status.

I have seen the impact of community development in practice. I have implemented strategies that expand economic opportunities and have seen the impact that moving out of poverty has on families, health, and community economies. I’ve worked tirelessly to listen to what people here think and want for our community and I’ll continue to do that as your Rep. 

Having a mom and a business owner represent Fort Myers means your voice will be heard. I live here. My kids were born here, go to school here. I will not sell out our community to enrich big companies, big donors, and the political elite. I will work for you, crafting policy to keep your family safe, to make sure there are good jobs and strong local businesses, and our beloved Florida environment is clean.

I promise to protect, promote, and preserve.
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