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All children in the US have access to high-quality education, preschool through post-secondary, leading to a prepare, qualified, and advanced workforce filled with successful individuals


  1. Federal subsidies for preschool and high-quality, affordable early childhood education.

  2. Research into primary education equity gaps that focus on the current reality of the situation and the reasons why it is occurring.

  3. Federal incentives for public universities to reduce operation administrative costs and increase year-to-year progression and completion rates.

  4. Federal incentives for high school dual enrollment programs in colleges, universities, and technical education.

  5. Reform Common Core standards to focus on educational outcomes while decentralizing the implementation of curriculum and emphasizing a reduction in testing.

  6. Reform and streamline student debt amnesty to 5 years of public service, including nonprofits, military, Peace Corps, Americorps, Foreign Service, and equivalent volunteering with local agencies.

  7. Strengthen regulations on student loan provision to for-profit tertiary institutions to reduce predatory lending and low completion rates.

  8. Ensure graduated students are not dragged down by economic debt due to student loans by forgiving student loan debts.


  1. Introduce “Workforce of Tomorrow” bill in second year to include all ideas. Funding mechanisms include cost savings from tertiary reforms and re-appropriation from current federal education programs, including Common Core.

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