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Photo: Pina Messina



Everyone in Southwest Florida can have affordable access to good health care and preventative care without fear of going broke or losing their loved ones.


  1. Expand health care access to everyone based on a sliding scale of affordability.

  2. Ensure a basic minimum level of care for everyone with no exceptions for pre-existing conditions.

  3. Look into incorporating a Medicare for All-type healthcare program, where we can focus on streamlining the program by using Japan's system as a model to focus on cost savings and decentralization.


  1. Preserve key tenets of the Affordable Care Act that ensure coverage for pre-existing conditions and young adults.

  2. Eliminate marketplace plans and replace with an option for basic minimal coverage with a sliding scale monthly affordable pay-in administered through the Health and Human Services Department and promote supplementary private insurance plans available through employers or for private insurance.

  3. Establish fair market set costs for procedures and pharmaceuticals to eliminate profiteering.

  4. Eliminate gaps in coverage in Medicaid and Medicare by merging into one program for all basic health care coverage.

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