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Working for #OurCommunity

I’ve dedicated my entire career to helping organizations reach their goals, improving issues in #OurCommunity like homelessness, poverty, and infrastructure and making our communities safer, healthier, and happier.

These are assets our government desperately needs right now.

Emphasizing local businesses 
to grow
our economy

It is too easy for companies and bureaucrats to make decisions without caring what #OurCommunity thinks. 


My career has focused on lifting the voice of people to be on the same level as CEOs and government officials. 


I support the development and growth of small, local businesses, maintaining positive relationships with major trading partners and mitigating market uncertainty. 


I’ve researched and published on community development and governance and am a university instructor of political science and public administration. I have the desire, knowledge, and skills to craft meaningful and effective policy that will improve the lives of Southwest Floridians for the long run. ​​

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