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Clean water and land where our businesses can thrive and our children can play today and tomorrow

Dr. Cindy Banyai Southwest Florida's Voice in Washington - White.png

Protecting Southwest Florida's
Most Precious Resource

Our waters are polluted, and hurricanes and flooding threaten our homes and businesses.


We need to be honest about public health risks with harmful algal blooms and invest in the science necessary to understand what affects our water and what we can do to keep it clean.


Our community has the right to clean water. Our jobs and our health rely on it!


As your US House Representative, I will act together with all leaders to prioritize water quality, align federal policy to international environmental research and conservation efforts, provide Congressional oversight to federal agencies ensuring they adopt practices consistent with evidence-based and market-savvy sustainability approaches, and work to craft and strengthen policies that protect our most precious asset here in Southwest Florida, our water. 

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