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Banyai requests opponent quarantines after contact with Trump

Dr. Cindy Banyai tested negative for COVID19 on October 2

Dr. Cindy Banyai (D-FL19), asks Byron Donalds (R-FL19) to quarantine after potential COVID19 exposure, requires safety measures at events

Fort Myers, FL - On Friday, October 2, President Donald Trump announced he tested positive for COVID19. Several other White House staff and attendees at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement event on September 26 have also tested positive. Byron Donalds met with Trump in the White House on September 23. Although Donalds tested negative at the White House, it is possible that he was exposed to someone with the virus during the visit.

Dr. Banyai states, “Given the current skyrocketing rate of infection among White House staff and event attendees, and considering Mr. Donalds is still in the potential incubation period of 14 days, I think it would be in the best interest of our community if he quarantined until that window has passed. He should also get tested for COVID19 and release the results, so anyone he may have exposed to the virus in the interim can have the best information possible to take care of themselves and their loved ones. This is especially important because of Mr. Donalds’ stance against mask wearing, which is effective in reducing transmission rates of the virus.”

Dr. Banyai continues, “I was disappointed to see Mr. Donalds attend indoor events without social distancing or masks in Southwest Florida over the past week, including events after the announcement of the president testing positive for COVID19. It seems like he is not taking the risk seriously and doesn’t care about the people in our community.”

Moving forward, Dr. Banyai will require all in-person events she attends to adhere is CDC recommended guidelines to reduce transmission of COVID19, including mask wearing, social distancing of at least 6-ft, and hand sanitization. She requests the organizers of any in-person events to work with her to ensure these guidelines are followed for the health and safety of attendees and their families. Dr. Banyai will have masks available to attendees at her events. She also encourages as many events as possible to shift to an online format.

“The health and safety of the people of Southwest Florida is important to me,” Dr. Banyai says. “Wearing masks and staying socially distanced are simple things we can do to keep each other safe. I know if we work together and follow the CDC guidelines, we can have safe events and reduce the spread of COVID19 ultimately saving lives.”

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