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Biden for President Florida to Hold “We Know Joe Will Build Back Better” Press Conferences

Democratic Nominee for Congress, Dr. Cindy Banyai (D-FL19), will participate with local businesses in Biden for President Florida media event

Fort Myers, FL - On Friday, October 2 Biden for President Florida will host in-person press conferences in Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Fort Myers outside of small businesses that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The same day Donald Trump is visiting Seminole County, local elected officials will join local business owners and discuss how Trump’s failure to manage COVID-19 and absence of federal leadership has devastated Florida’s economy. Participants will highlight Joe Biden’s plans to beat COVID-19, build our economy back better, and rescue and revitalize main street.


Details are subject to change

OCTOBER 2, 2020

“We Know Joe Will Build Back Better” Press Conference with Dr. Cindy Banyai & Local Small Business Owners in Ft. Myers

Start Time: 11:00 AM ET

Location: Provided upon RSVP

Press RSVP: Media interested in attending should RSVP HERE no later than 9:00 AM ET, Friday, October 2.

Media interested in participating in covering the press conference must RSVP and will be required to adhere to COVID-19 safety precautions, including wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Dr. Cindy Banyai is a Democrat running for Florida Congressional District 19, spanning coastal Southwest Florida from Cape Coral to Marco Island. She is a mom of 3 native Floridians and a small business owner. Dr. Banyai has been a decorated professional in the field of community development for almost 20 years, collaborating with nonprofits around the world on issues such as homelessness, children’s services, education, and sustainable development. Dr. Banyai is fighting for our water, our health, and our community. She is running for Congress to lift the voices of the people to be on the same level as politicians and CEOs and to create a Southwest Florida where the sun shines on everyone.

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