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Candidates calls on Governor DeSantis to address petition deadlines

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March 18, 2020

Candidates calls on Governor DeSantis to address petition deadlines

7 Congressional candidates and leaders sign letter calling for Gov. DeSantis to take action on the petition filing deadline amid growing COVID-19 concerns.

Fort Myers, FL — March 18, 2020 — For anyone looking to get their name on a Florida ballot there are two ways of going about this. Candidates may either pay a fee of 4% of the annual salary (for US House Candidates that is equal to $10,440) or they may submit petition signatures from their district totaling at least 1% of the registered voters in that district (for District 19 that is equal to 5,052 signatures). March 23rd is the latest that any petitions signatures can be handed in.

Amid the ever-growing concerns surrounding COVID-19, Dr. Cindy Banyai and seven Florida Congressional candidates and leaders are calling on Governor DeSantis to postpone the ballot verification deadline and qualifying date, as well as asking him to lower the filing fee and number of petitions required to get themselves on the ballot.

Dr. Banyai believes that “we must take action to keep our election fair and balanced and to ensure the health and safety of the citizens of Florida”. The group is asking the governor to push back the deadline 30 days until after we can safely return to public activities.

The six candidates and leaders who also signed on to the letter are Adam Christensen (D-FL03), Allen Ellison (D-FL17), Kimberly Walker (D-FL12), Sakinah Lehtola (D-FL24), Christine Olivo (D-FL24), and Gabriele Spuckers (Chair of the Democratic Party of Lee County).

For more information, press only:

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