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Come join the Blue Gators to "Get out the Vote"

Photo Courtesy of The Blue Gator Initiative

The Blue Gators have announced that on Memorial Day (May 25th, 2020), they will be holding a “patriotic, Mini Car Parade” in Bonita Springs and lower Lee County. This campaign is meant to encourage people to vote by mail and participate in the Census.

The parade is part of a the Blue Gators’ work on engaging with the Hispanic population of Lee County and as such they will have signs in Spanish and will work with Spanish-speakers to help get them with the Census and to vote by mail if they are eligible to do so. If you are interested in listening to the video produced by Blue Gators’, which is spoken in Spanish, you can view it here.

If you are interested in joining, the parade will be starting from the Cafe of Life Cafe at 11 A.M. on Memorial Day and the Blue Gators will be there to decorate cards and take pictures with people by 10:15 A.M.

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