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Congressional Candidate Cindy Banyai endorsed by Leaders of Peaceful Protests Lee County

Dr. Cindy Banyai for US House of Representatives FL-19 has been endorsed by local activist leaders Lisa Shamma, Chantel Rhodes, and Napa Peterson

Fort Myers, FL - FL- 19 Congressional candidate Cindy Banyai has been very outspoken about social issues and activism in her community. From supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, to helping a group of young activists organize to remove a racist statue from Downtown Fort Myers, she is not afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Dr. Banyai’s recent actions have earned her endorsements from of the leaders of the community organization Peaceful Protests Lee County. Lisa Shamma, Chantel Rhodes, and Napa Peterson are local activists who lead the group and are working to bring social justice and change to Southwest Florida. Below is more information about the women and their endorsements for Dr. Banyai.

Lisa Shamma is fighting for justice, policies that encompass humanity, equality, and compassion for everyone in her community. She is a mom of three who wants to improve the world for younger generations. She believes Cindy “is the best candidate to pave the way with innovative policies for the change we seek.”

Chantel Rhodes wants to ensure that people in the community are treated fairly and have equal access to opportunities. She writes, “I knew that there was something unique about Cindy the day we met. Cindy was energetic and lit up the entire room that day. I'm supporting Cindy because of her active involvement in our community.”

Napa Peterson is a Florida Southwestern State graduate and community leader passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement. She explains that “when great folks arise, they will bring change” and that is why she supports Cindy Banyai for Congress.

Cindy Banyai has recently received several endorsements from leaders across Florida. She hopes to build a coalition of leaders and activists to bring real change to our community.

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