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Congressional Candidate Dr. Cindy Banyai announces breakthrough COVID case

Banyai learned of her diagnosis while traveling for her grandmother’s funeral

Fort Myers, FL – Democratic Congressional Candidate in Southwest Florida, Dr. Cindy Banyai, announces she tested positive for COVID19. She learned of her diagnosis as she traveled to Michigan to attend her grandmother’s funeral.

“It was important to me to be with my family to celebrate the life of my grandmother who passed away last week. Upon arrival in Michigan, I learned my daughter’s preschool closed because the teachers were COVID positive. As a precaution, I took an at home test that came back positive and later confirmed the diagnosis with a PCR test from an urgent care clinic.” Dr. Banyai explains.

She goes on, “Fortunately my symptoms have been mild, a testament to the effectiveness of the vaccine in reducing severity of the illness. I’m glad that I was fully vaccinated and boosted when I was exposed. I encourage anyone who has yet to get their full course of the vaccine to do so.”

Dr. Banyai looks forward to returning to Florida and working for the community Southwest Florida upon her recovery. She appreciates the kindness and understanding of her friends and colleagues as she works through this difficult time for her and her family.

“So many people have been affected by this latest surge in COVID19. We have been seeing schools, busses, airlines, and all types of businesses affected as workers fall ill. We must continue to show compassion for our community in these challenging times. Patience and an awareness of our connection to others in public health are paramount. Masks, distance, vaccines, and kindness will help us all get through!” Dr. Banyai remarks.

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