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Congressional Candidate Dr. Cindy Banyai denounces Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill

Banyai believes the bill will hurt kids in Florida

Fort Myers, FL – Democratic Congressional Candidate in Southwest Florida, Dr. Cindy Banyai, denounces Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill as it moves to the Florida Senate this week.

“Our kids deserve a factual and authentic education, not one based on a minority and outdated view on gender and sexual identity. The Don’t Say Gay Bill seeks to erase discussion on the LGBTQ+ community and indoctrinate kids into a conservative world view.” Dr. Banyai states.

Dr. Banyai continues, “LGBTQ+ youth are at a high risk of suicide and mental health issues, as well as trafficking. Anyone claiming the Don’t Say Gay Bill will protect kids is wrong.”

According to the Trevor Project, LGBTQ youth who learn about LGBTQ issues or people have 23% lower reports of suicide attempts.

Dr. Banyai goes on, “If saying ‘gay’ in the classroom saves the life of even one kid, talking about it is worthwhile. Those pushing far right agendas linking the LGBTQ+ community to pedophilia should be ashamed of themselves and their red meat divisive partisan tactics.”

Dr. Cindy Banyai is a 2022 Democratic Candidate for Congress. She was the 2020 Democratic Nominee for US House of Representatives Florida 19, spanning coastal Southwest Florida from Cape Coral to Marco Island. She is a teacher and a small business owner. Dr. Banyai has been a decorated professional in the field of community development for almost 20 years, collaborating on issues such as homelessness, workforce, education, and sustainable development. She has also researched and published extensively on good governance around the world. Dr. Banyai is continuing to work for our water, our health, and our community. She believes we need to lift the voices of the people to be on the same level as politicians and CEOs and to create a Southwest Florida where the sun shines on everyone.


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