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Dr. Cindy Banyai announces joint endorsements with three local Florida Democratic candidates

Dr. Cindy Banyai has been endorsed by Florida House of Representatives candidates Joshua Lopez and Shawn Williams, as well as Lee County Board Commissioner candidate Todd Truax

Fort Myers, FL - Democratic Nominee for Congress Dr. Cindy Banyai has prioritized working with local leaders during her campaign to flip Florida 19 blue. She is building a team of local leaders throughout the Southwest Florida region, from local activists and city council leaders to other Congressional candidates and Florida Democratic Caucus members. This summer, she launched a network for candidates to connect with each other, called Flip Florida Blue. Banyai is proud to announce joint endorsements with three more local Florida candidates.

Shawn Williams and Joshua Lopez are both Democratic candidates for the Florida House of Representatives. Williams will prioritize the middle class and work to ensure everyone can succeed. He believes in effective and efficient government that prioritizes quality education and voting rights, as well as affordable health care and housing. He is ready to fight to fund public education, because it is the surest path to a better life for millions. Lopez is also a strong advocate for an economy that works for all. He believes we need to create reforms to ensure the deck is not stacked against people who are willing to work hard. He is ready to bring a fresh voice to Tallahassee and fight for climate change, water quality, government transparency and economic opportunities.

Todd Traux is the Democratic candidate for Lee County Board Commissioner. For the past 20 years in Florida, he has developed deep roots in Southwest Florida. He has served his community in a variety of ways including as a healthcare administrator, college instructor, social worker, salesman and volunteer. He believes the board has failed to put the priorities of their community first by serving the interests of developers, special interest groups and oil companies. He wants to reinstate the small town feel of Lee County and make sure the board works to protect our community.

Dr. Banyai is ready to join forces with these candidates to ensure Southwest Florida is represented by people who work for their communities. She is excited to advocate for local issues in Washington.

Dr. Cindy Banyai is a Democrat running for Florida Congressional District 19, spanning coastal Southwest Florida from Cape Coral to Marco Island. She is a mom of 3 native Floridians and a small business owner. Dr. Banyai has been a decorated professional in the field of community development for almost 20 years, collaborating with nonprofits around the world on issues such as homelessness, children’s services, education, and sustainable development. Dr. Banyai is fighting for our water, our health, and our community. She is running for Congress to lift the voices of the people to be on the same level as politicians and CEOs and to create a Southwest Florida where the sun shines on everyone.

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