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Dr. Cindy Banyai broke leg saving child from dangerous current

Reminder to stay safe while boating, enjoying the beach

Cindy's family and friends at the beginning of their boating adventure

Democratic Congressional Candidate in Southwest Florida, Dr. Cindy Banyai, announced she broke her leg while pulling her daughter from the current on a recent boat trip.

“The tide was pulling out and the current picked up. Our family was preparing to leave when my youngest daughter began to get pulled under the boat. I just reacted like any mama bear and jumped in after her.” Dr. Banyai stated.

“I landed hard in the water and grabbed my daughter, getting her safely back to shore.” Dr. Banyai, explains.

Dr Banyai continues, “I knew right away I injured my leg badly and couldn’t stand. Thankfully our friends were there to help.”

Dr. Banyai was rushed to the emergency room in Estero where it was confirmed that she broke her leg in 3 places.

“I’m so grateful for the friendly and professional staff at Lee Health at Coconut Point. I’m also grateful that I had insurance to manage the expense of an ER trip. There are signs in the lobby saying an ER trip costs over $1,600!”

Dr. Banyai notes. She goes on, “we definitely need improvements to our health care system to make it affordable so people can get the care they need.”

Dr. Banyai is now resting at home with her family. She wants to remind everyone of the importance of water safety and having people with you in case of emergency.

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