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Dr. Cindy Banyai (D), Congressional Candidate takes stand in national pro-impeachment Rally

Congressional hopeful from Florida’s 19th district takes a stand against corruption in Washington, D.C.

Cape Coral, FL — December 17, 2019 — With the help of Move On, a progressive change organization, mass demonstrations have been scheduled for 5:30pm on Tuesday December 17th, in communities all across the country. There are currently 578 demonstrations that will be taking place at congressional offices and public squares to declare that Nobody Is Above the Law as representatives finalize their positions and senators look on.

“As someone who has been a fighter for the First Amendment, I am ready to join with the people to make a statement about the impeachment vote and to implore our Representatives and Senators to vote with the facts and not just their party to defend our democracy” Banyai said.

She continued that “it is imperative for our democracy that we follow both the letter of the law and the rules and procedures set up to make our government work. Through the impeachment investigation, again and again the president demonstrated his wanton disregard for our democratic and legal processes. Without these we cannot have the freedom America affords us. This makes the president and his actions a threat to us all.


Photo courtsey of Pixaby

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