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Dr. Cindy Banyai (D), running successful small-donor, grassroots campaign

For Immediate Release

February 1st, 2020

Congressional hopeful from Florida’s 19th district makes impressive grassroots showing after 4th Quarter.

Fort Myers, FL — February 1st, 2020 — With the 4th Quarter FEC filings in, Cindy Banyai, a Democrat for Florida’s 19th Congressional district, makes an impressive showing. First time candidate, Banyai, was “determined to run a campaign for the people of Southwest Florida.” With only half a quarter of formal fundraising for this ever growing primary, Banyai raised over $13,000 last quarter from 218 individual donations, with an average contribution amount of $37.

Banyai is a mother and small business owner from Fort Myers who knows that times are tough. Unlike other candidates in the democratic and republican primaries, she cannot afford to loan her campaign large sums of money and is not taking contributions from big corporations and their PACs. She has been relying on the generosity of people from across the country who believe in her and her platform.

Banyai stated “campaigns should not be bought and sold by people at the top of our economic system.” She continues “with most of the country sitting in the middle and lower economic classes, these are the people that need representation. And who better to represent them than one of them?”

Banyai is extremely thrilled with her last quarter’s performance and plans to keep pushing forward and grow her support system.

For more information, press only:

Cindy Banyai

(239) 464-6976

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