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Dr. Janelle Christensen announces candidacy for Florida Democratic Party Chair

Democratic Environmental Caucus Chair wants to emphasize statewide grassroots approach and put vision of electing Democrats front and center

Fort Myers, FL – Dr. Janelle Christensen, Chair of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida, announces that she is running to be the next Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Dr. Christensen has been a powerful force for inclusive and grassroots reform in the party and is a champion of candidates across the state. She rose to prominence in 2020 as she led a campaign to recruit and support candidates to run in every state house and senate district across Florida.

“It’s clear with the losing record under the current leadership and management of the Florida Democratic Party that something has to change.” Dr. Christensen said. “I was shocked to see that the mission of the FDP is not to help candidates when that is explicitly the mission of the Florida GOP. We need to bring everyone on board under a clear mission and vision so everyone understands that the point of our organization is to get Democrats elected across the state, not just in a smattering of safe places.”

2020 saw Florida going for Trump in the presidential election and losing Congressional seats in seemingly safe Democratic districts. A bright spot in 2020 for Florida Democrats was the historic runs of Democrats in every state legislative race around the state, an initiative spearheaded by Dr. Christensen.

Dr. Christensen has a broad base of support across the state. Dr. Cindy Banyai, 2020 Democratic Nominee for US House of Representatives Florida 19, is one of those supporter. “Dr. Christensen is exactly what the Florida Dems need right now - someone who has a track record of lifting up Democrats across the state and a commitment to the work needed to energize our base and win hearts and minds.” Dr. Banyai said.

Christensen sees this as an opportunity to fight back against Republican gains across the state. Dr. Christensen states, “I got tired of handing over power to the Republicans without a fight. It’s time to get back to the Obama era strategy of fighting them everywhere. The backroom deals to keep districts safe needs to end. Democrats will never win some of these more challenging seats without support and experience and this is what the party needs to be investing in, not just the already blue areas.”

“What I bring to the table is experience organizing and inspiring Democrats across the state. I built teams to do the work that the party itself was not interested in doing. If we want to be like Georgia, and flip Florida blue, we are going to need people interested in inclusively doing the work of training, organizing, and building community connections. We need to live up to our desire to be the party of the people. No one will every vote for Democrats who only talk about equality and inclusivity while cash is flowing to a handful of elite and out of touch consultants that routinely leave most of us to twist in the wind.” Dr. Christensen concluded.

Dr. Janelle Christensen is the current Chair of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida. She has a doctorate in medical anthropology and a master’s in public health. She works as an evaluator and analyst at a state college in Southwest Florida. She supported many state legislative campaigns across Florida, including managing a state house race in 2018. Dr. Christensen garnered nationwide attention in 2020 for recruiting candidates to run in every legislative race across Florida.

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