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Florida candidates amplify call on Governor DeSantis to address ballot concerns

Photo courtesy of David McNew/Getty Images

Candidates from across state and party lines come together to ask Governor DeSantis to address ballot requirements amid the growing pandemic and stay-at-home orders.

Fort Myers, FL — April 2, 2020 Candidates from across the state are coming together to ask Governor DeSantis and Secretary of State Laurel Lee to address the ballot requirements for the primary election. It is no longer possible to conduct face to face campaign events, including gathering petitions, with the stay-at-home order for at least the next 30 days. State and county offices supporting the elections process have been closed without any guidance to candidates on how they can qualify for the ballot given these extenuating circumstances.

42 candidates, reaching across race and party lines, have signed the request to Governor DeSantis and Secretary Lee. They are asking them to address the candidate ballot requirements in order to give grassroots and working-class candidates a fighting chance of getting on the ballot. The administration must look closely at the ballot requirement situation amid the pandemic and make the right decision to eliminate or significantly reduce the ballot fee. This is necessary to promote our democracy and give Florida voters choices on their representation. The sanctity of our elections and the freedom of voters is on the line.

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