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Local Democrats on media sources to host democratic primary candidate forum

For Immediate Release

May 5th, 2020

Fort Myers, FL — May 5th, 2020 The Lee and Collier County Democratic Parties and 19th Congressional Candidates Dr. Cindy Banyai and David Holden are coming together to urge the local media to host a Democratic primary candidate forum. Some local news outlets have already hosted a Republican primary debate, giving the candidates ample time to express their views and platforms.

The 19th Congressional District is Republican-leaning district and we believe that the lack of interest in the Democratic Primaries appears to be a direct attempt to maintain the status quo. We strongly believe that the voters in our district deserve the opportunity to hear from all the candidates in the race in order to make informed decisions about who will represent them in Congress.

Unlike normal years when candidates have the opportunities to be out in the district campaigning, meeting voters face-to-face, our candidates have had to take to unconventional methods of campaigning.

Many constituents rely on their local news sources to stay up to date with their political candidates and provide an unbiased view. The fact that Republican candidates have been able to reach these viewers and the Democratic candidates have not been afforded the same opportunities by local news stations is shameful. Dr. Cindy Banyai notes “Demonstrating a commitment to unbiased journalism and reporting is more important than ever in this era where the media is under heavy criticism. I urge the local news and television outlets in Southwest Florida to give equitable coverage to Democrats and Republicans.”

For more information, press only:

Eddie Thinger

(239) 351-5574

For more information on Cindy Banyai

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