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Since when is working for the people considered radical?

Recently, Byron Donalds sent out a baseless email to his supporters, disparaging me as “a radical Democrat who is cut from the same cloth as Ilhan Omar and AOC.”

What Mr. Donalds seemingly fails to understand is that not all Democrats are interchangeable. I am not Ilhan Omar or AOC. While we may share a common goal, voting Donald Trump out this November and restoring dignity and prosperity to Washington, Democrats are quite unique in their political endeavors across America.

Here in District 19 I am committed towards improving the quality of life, not just for those aligned with her party, but for all residents. Whether one votes blue or red this November, I have their best interests at heart, something that Byron Donalds and the Republican Party cannot honestly say.

America bore witness to Trump suggesting one “take the blue states out” when analyzing the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as if he wasn’t the president for all of America.

I am passionate about improving Southwest Florida, whether through cleaning up our waters, putting money back into our public schools, or providing more local public transportation options, among many more initiatives designed to improve the region.

Once again, you can not just go out and misconstrue Democrats all across the country as “radical” and “cut from the same cloth”. They are not all interchangeable. But then, neither are all Republicans. That is why many of them across the country have broken from the new status quo brought on by the Trump Administration.

Dozens of Republican lawmakers, past and present, ranging from Congressman Jolly right here in Florida to former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, have chosen to place country over party and endorse Joe Biden for President of the United States. They understand that our nation is charting a course toward irreparable damage, and the only way to right the ship is by instituting real change in the White House, Senate, and Congress.

Throughout their continued failures in dealing with the ongoing pandemic, international relations, the all-time high unemployment rate, and social justice reform, Mr. Donalds has expressed his undying fidelity towards the current administration.

It is far more accurate to say that Byron is cut from the same cloth as Donald Trump. And for the sake of us all we need a new tailor.

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