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What's next for our community with Juan Gonzalez

Please join us for a conversation on the situation in our community and what the future holds with Lee County Board of County Commissioners candidate, Pastor Juan Gonzalez. As a fellow community development professional, I know Pastor Juan brings an unmatched commitment to the people of Lee County. Join us for the conversation, May 8 at 1:00pm. If you can't join us live, you can access a recording of the event through the registration link.

Let's help Pastor Juan get on the ballot! You can fill out the petition and sign it and send it back to him ASAP at

My dear friends, supporters and residents of Lee County:

I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. These past few months has brought daunting and major challenges to our personal, family, friends and neighbors lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wow, life has changed radically, and it feels important to recognize and honor all the feelings that come with such change—fear and anxiety for the safety of our families, communities, nation, and the world at large; grief and loss at the passing of those we love and admire; a sense of time expanding and collapsing as we stay inside our homes and do things that feel both simple and profound—raising children, cooking meals, reading books. Being apart from family and friends for the sake of safety. I know first-hand that physical-social distancing has been hard for many, yet wanting to encourage you all to remain courageous, patient, and hopeful. We want to thank all of our first-responders, such as doctors, nurses, healthcare-givers, firemen, policemen, churches and service agencies serving selflessly for our wellness and safety, while sacrificing their own lives. 

Also, thank you for keeping safe by practicing physical-social distancing. Together we will get through this season.

Help Put Juan On The Ballot

My name is Juan A. Gonzalez, known as “Pastor Juan”, I’m running for Lee County Commissioner, District Five; however, the whole county can vote for me.  

I represent: One mission. One vision. Your future. I mean the future of our whole Lee County that include seniors, children, youth and families. Prior to the pandemic, I was conducting a “listening campaign’ to uncover the real concerns and issues of the county in order to devise future solutions and best practices that improves the quality of life for all citizens. Whether the environment, such as water and air quality, transportation, infrastructure, Smart growth, workforce development, attainable housing, homelessness, youth and children, veterans, small businesses, and spurring new economic and community development - such as luring technological and innovative industries - is on top of my candidacy.  

For more than forty years I have worked with integrity, confident leadership, and fought hard in community conflict resolutions, housing, urban planning, family and community improvement. I bring a wealth of diverse experiences that can add to the dialogue of improving of quality of life for all communities. That means… a better quality life for all and not just for the few. That means… that I will represent a voice of reason. A voice of inclusive diversity [See Attached Brief Bio].

Because of the pandemic I have been limited in having a chance to meet you and ask for a signed petition in person. The deadline is quickly approaching where all Lee County candidate petitions are due for the primary and general elections, and due to the current mandated social distancing, I need your help in putting me on the ballot! It only takes less than five minutes to fill out.

What is a candidate petition? To be on the 2020 ballot in the state of Florida, I must either submit 5000 signatures from registered voting residents in your county OR pay a fee. As a fiscal steward I would rather not spend people’s donations on a governmental fee, especially if the alternative cost is your willingness to let me run for Lee County Board of Commission, District Five. Please note, that the signature does not commit your vote. It does not register you for any mailing or calling lists. It does not become public record. It does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat to sign the petition. But, it does help me get on the ballot and fight for a chance to represent your interests and our community.

I know these are challenging times, but it is clear that we need energetic and better leadership. If you are willing, please print the CANDIDATE PETITION attached, fill it out in its entirety, sign it and either scan it and email it back to:

Or Mail it to: Friends of Juan A. Gonzalez P.O. Box 154

Lehigh Acres, FL 33970

DSDE104_Candidate Petition Form_120511
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I Like to Support Rev. Juan A
. Gonzalez
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