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Community Champions

These are our financial contributors. Big or small, your contribution matters. Here is our growing list of Community Champions. Thank you!

Alexandra Anderes

Aaron Goodman

Linda Dickow

Gail McClure

Britta Soderqvist

Fran Novak

Cornelia Flora

Katherine Kiszka

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Change Multipliers

Money matters and so does time! In a grassroots campaign like this, our volunteers make a huge different. The Change Multipliers get petitions signed, make phone calls, host events, and get the message out! Thank you for giving your time to make sure the sun shines on everyone in Southwest Florida.

Christopher Whitney 

Lindsey Koeneman 

Alexandra Anderes 

Winston Negron 

Anna Barry 

Kai Williams 

Norman Cogswell 

Alissa Downing 

Britta Soderqvist 

Guido Minaya 

Susan Minaya 

Eddie Thinger 

Fabiana Solano 

Melanie Holaway 

Brian Holaway

Amber Cebull

Kyle Cebull

Endorsements, Supporters, and Coalitions 

These are the organizations and individuals that know Cindy is the best choice for the people of Southwest Florida. Thank you for your support!

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American Youth Climate Action

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Boots of Recovery
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Pastor Juan Gonzalez

Candidate Lee County Commission


Cindy and I both work in the field of community development are committed to serving the people.

Oscar the Great

Boxer, Veteran


"As a registered Republican Veteran voter in Southwest Florida, Dr. Cindy Banyai is the only Congressional candidate to recognize and bring to attention the health and the community of our War Veterans in Southwest Florida.  Candidate Bryon Donalds never brought it up and he's just running for his personal gain and interest."

Johnnie Terrell

Community Leader


I have known Cindy Banyai for a number of years first. Through the years I've witnessed her unwavering passion for the community. Please take a few minutes to learn more about Cindy and you will see why I am a supporter why should you do the same.

Britta S.

Mom, Scientist


Cindy is deeply committed to making positive changes for Southwest Florida's people and environment. No one else can match her level of knowledge and firsthand insight about our community. It's time to vote for someone who not only wants the job to make SWFL a better place but has the experience and passion to do so. 

Rachel Brown

Candidate for Florida Senate 27


She is a true grassroots organizer like myself, and has an outstanding academic record. 

Connie Bennett-Martin

Candidate for Fort Myers City Council Ward 4


 It's not a red or blue vote,  get to know which candidate represents what's important to you.  I’m supporting Cindy Banyai for US House of Representatives #FL19

Katherine Norman

Candidate for Florida Senate 23


We need energy and resources to flip Florida blue and Cindy and I are working together to get it done!

Chantel Rhodes

Leader Peaceful Protests Lee County


I knew that there was something unique about Cindy the day we met. Cindy was energetic and lit up the entire room that day. I'm supporting Cindy because of her active involvement in our community

Maureen Porras

Candidate for Florida House 105


As women running in the State of Florida, we are supporting one another to help our community

Anselm Weber

Candidate for Florida House 76


Cindy and I are both committed to supporting the people of our community, especially around living wages and affordable housing.

Danika Fornear

Candidate for Florida House 79


Single moms, former fighters ready to work together to save Florida's environment

Lisa Shamma

Leader Peaceful Protests Lee County


Cindy is the best candidate to pave the way with innovative policies for the change we seek.

Napa Peterson

Leader Peaceful Protests Lee County


Great folks will arise, they will bring change and that is why I support Cindy Banyai for Congress Florida's 19th District.

Eddie Thinger

FGCU Graduate


Dr. Cindy Banyai is the most qualified candidate for FL 19.  She is passionate about the community and truly helping other people, something not seen from other candidates in our district. 

Isaiah Carter

Political Advisor

isaiah 2.jpg

I worked for David Holden as his Field Director. While working for him I encountered dysfunction and disrespect. I felt like the token black guy on the campaign. There is no way I could endorse him with a good conscience.

On the other hand, I have seen someone who has overcome insurmountable odds. She has put in the hard work to earn the respect and confidence of her community in which she has served for multiple years.

Cindy won me over with her actions and her Never Gives Up Attitude.

Sara McFadden

Candidate for Florida House 106


I’m proud to endorse Cindy Banyai for the 19th Congressional District. She is fearless, up to the challenge, and in our “corner." Who better to fight for us in Washington!

Allen Ellison

Candidate for US House FL17


 I am endorsing Dr. Cindy Banyai as Florida’s next Congresswoman to represent District 19. I believe Dr. Banyai will help to elevate the conversation on water related issues for our great state. I am confidant that she is just what we need in Congress. Her commitment to improving the quality of life for her everyone is why she has my support. As a policy professional, she is strong and will facilitate positive growth and economic development in our quest to overcome the challenges created from the lack of leadership during this health and economic crisis.le of Southwest Florida

Josh Lopez

Candidate Florida House 77


Working to preserve our Southwest Florida environment

Todd Truax

Candidate for Lee County Commisson


Working together for green technology and smart growth

Peter Galbraith

 Ambassador to Croatia, Deputy UN Envoy to Afghanistan

imagePath.adapt.480.high.AMB PETER GALBR

I am pleased to endorse Cindy Banyai for Congress...I find her knowledgeable and energized about the challenges we face at home and around the world. We need her voice and energy in Congress

Mary-Ann Tirone Smith



Professor Banyai is a good and decent person, an inspirational parent, a devoted teacher. As a Congresswoman she will lead, and she will work for peace and prosperity. She will stop at nothing to introduce legislation that will protect us and our children from gunfire. Professor Banyai put herself through school and though life as a professional boxer. If the democratic party and citizens of integrity ever needed a boxer, we need one now!

Alexandra Anderes

Mom, Attorney


Cindy understands the challenges and the joys of being a working mom. She knows that reliable healthcare and strong environmental protections will help our children thrive. She has the experience, ability, and tenacity to get things done. I am proud to have Cindy represent me and my family in Congress.

Jacquelyn McMiler

Candidate for Fort Myers Mayor


Cindy Banyai will bring a fresh voice to Florida’s 19th Congressional District. She will be a tireless fighter in Washington for the people of Southwest Florida

Johnny Streets

Fort Myers City Council Member


Community leaders fighting together

Shawn Williams

Candidate for Florida House 78


Working together for a more inclusive government

Laura Novosad

Candidate Florida House 80


Strong women from the Democratic Women's Club working together 

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