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Community leader, Johnnie Terrell, endorses Cindy Banyai (D-FL19)

Team Banyai is pleased to announce the endorsement of community leader, Johnnie Terrell. Mr. Terrell is a native of the Dunbar area of Fort Myers, He is an Army veteran and now serves the community as a social worker and advocate for homeless services, mental health, and veterans.

Mr. Johnnie Terrell submited the following statement in support of Cindy:

"I have known Cindy Banyai for a number of years, first as a dedicated researcher, instructor, and co-worker. Through the years I've witnessed her unwavering passion for not only her family, but also the community and environmental struggles and the social justice issues spanning through micro and mezzo realms of our society. Now Cindy has decided to take that same passion and dedication into the arena of politics. As the election days are nearing, I wish as many people as possible will take a closer look at Cindy Banyai and learn why she is the best choice to represent Florida Congressional District 19 in Washington. Please take a few minutes to learn more about Cindy and her vision at and you will see why I support Cindy Banyai in her campaign for Florida Congressional District 19 and why should you do the same."

Thank you so much for your support Johnnie!

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