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Congressional candidate Cindy Banyai (D) reacts to POTUS impeachment

Photo courtesy of Associated Press

The House of Representatives passed two articles of impeachment on December 18, 2019. There is much to be proud of as Americans - the courageous testimony of government officials in reporting malfeasance, representatives pushing forward in the face of criticism and political attack to preserve our institutions and the balance of power that makes us strong. There is also much to lament - the mere fact that the egregious corruption that prompted the articles even occurred, the flip response of the president on impeachment, including the statement "I'm having a good time" made during his Battle Creek rally that evening.

Impeachment is not something to be celebrated, but a necessary check on unbridled power like that which we have witnessed from President Trump. While I am proud of our American governance processes in action, I am saddened that it was necessary. I expect more from our leaders than petty manipulations for personal gain and constant deception. I expect transparency, honesty, and truth from our leadership This is something that every American should expect and demand.

The United States as a nation is a model to the world in terms of our Constitution, government structure, and adherence to the rights of people against the powerful.We need processes like impeachment to remain a model for democracy and we need to continue to restore faith in our institutions. Our adversaries want to see the failure of our model and democracy moreover. We need to keep fighting to retain integrity in our government because the whole world and all of humanity is counting on us standing up for democracy.

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