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Congressional candidate Dr. Cindy Banyai calls for action and accountability on Piney Point disaster

pond over radioactive waste material
Piney Point phosphate collapse Manatee County - courtesy of Bradenton Herald

Water leak from radioactive site poses immediate risk to Floridians, potentially harming groundwater drinking supplies and coastal waterways

Fort Myers, FL – Dr. Cindy Banyai, Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives Florida 19, calls on state and national officials to act quickly to stem damage from the Piney Point environmental hazard. She also demands they invest in long term solutions to manage these hazardous sites to prevent future damage to human health and our environment.

Dr. Banyai states, “The state has known about the dangers at Piney Point for over a decade. Unfortunately, under years of Republican leadership the interests of business have been more important than the environment and people. Our water is our life and our business here in Florida and we need polluters to be held accountable. We expect our government to protect the people. We need investment in infrastructure to prevent future disasters like this.”

Dr. Cindy Banyai was the 2020 Democratic Nominee for US House of Representatives Florida 19, spanning coastal Southwest Florida from Cape Coral to Marco Island. She is a mom of 3 native Floridians and a small business owner. Dr. Banyai has been a decorated professional in the field of community development for almost 20 years, collaborating with nonprofits on issues such as homelessness, children’s services, education, and sustainable development. She has also researched and published extensively on good governance around the world. Dr. Banyai is continuing the fight for our water, our health, and our community. She believes we need to lift the voices of the people to be on the same level as politicians and CEOs and to create a country where the sun shines on everyone.


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