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Ready for a Win

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

What I learned as a professional boxer

I used to be a professional boxer. It provided me with ample opportunity for achievement and defeat. My first trainer was a rotten person who outmatched me and pocketed the cash. Still, I thought I could win. I trained hard and showed up to every match thinking I was a champion. I lost every one of those matches. But I never gave up. I kept hitting the bags, improving my skill, and searching for new opportunities. Eventually, I was sponsored by Sugar Ray Boxing Club in Japan and earned my pro card there. I learned humility, perseverance, and how to maintain composure, even when you’re getting punched in the face.

I kept hitting the bags, improving my skill, and searching for new opportunities.”

When it comes time to look my opponent in the eye, I will still approach them with the same determination, hard work and effort I once did, only this time, the fight is for our community, my family and yours. It's game time!

Who is in your corner

Having a mom and a business owner represent Southwest Florida in Congress means your voice will be heard. I’m not some disconnected rich guy who barely comes to Southwest Florida, let alone his job in Congress. I live here. My kids were born here, go to school here. I’ve worked tirelessly to listen to what people here think and want for our community and I’ll continue to do that as your rep. I will not sell out my values and our community to enrich big companies, big donors, and the political elite. I will work for you to craft policy to keep your family safe, to make sure there are good jobs and strong local businesses, like mine, and our beloved Florida environment is clean. I promise to protect, promote, and preserve.

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