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Veterans protect our country and deserve better

Veterans of the United States military have the support and blessings of citizens across the political spectrum, yet the government has been failing our vets for many years. Many veterans suffer from health issues after they return from deployment, with many suffering from physical, mental, or emotional pain, or some combination of all three of the above. We as a society, as a leading world power no less, should not be letting our veterans fall to the wayside as they attempt to readjust to civilian life. I want to lead the charge to introduce legislation that will help our veterans re-acclimate to life by having easier ways to get them medical help without cost. I’m going to ensure that our veterans can find jobs outside of the military and support employers that hire veterans. I will work so our veterans have the ability to return home and receive an education at post-secondary institutions without the fear of having to pay off thousands of dollars of debt, especially from predatory institutions. And most importantly, I plan on combatting homelessness among the veterans’ population, as no veteran should be left homeless after serving our country. We should not be losing our veterans at home after they served our country abroad, and I have a plan to make sure we start serving our veterans after they have served us.

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